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Thanks to this site, you will immerse yourself in the exceptional professional journey of Éric Robitaille, an inspiring and competent leader in the field of industrial maintenance and management in general. His passion for operational efficiency and commitment to continuous improvement are traits that define his remarkable career. Discover how Eric demonstrated ingenuity, leadership and unparalleled technical expertise to transform each role into an opportunity for excellence. ​ Éric embodies the essence of leadership in the field of industrial maintenance and business management. With a solid background in Industrial Technology and an innate passion for operational efficiency, he has marked each stage of his career with significant achievements and an approach resolutely focused on continuous improvement. ​ Éric began his career in electrical engineering at Cégep de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue, where he quickly gained expertise in instrumentation and control, laying the foundations for his exceptional career. His interest in innovation and complex problem solving was cultivated from his earliest days at school. With his college diploma, he then joined the professional sector with unfailing determination. ​ Éric recently took on a crucial leadership role at Matrec, where he demonstrated an exceptional ability to manage and coordinate operations for the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Regional Composting Center. From managing the construction of a composting plant to setting up high-performance teams, Eric revolutionized the efficiency and quality of the plant. His expertise covers an impressive range of areas, from budget management to continuous improvement to environmental compliance. Eric embodies the vision and dedication needed to take a business to the next level. ​ Before his mission at Matrec, Éric left his mark on another company. As Maintenance Director at Techo-Bloc, he brilliantly led a team of 20 employees. Under his leadership, the maintenance department has become a model of excellence. Eric fostered a culture of continuous improvement, while effectively managing emergencies, fixes and budgetary aspects. His strategic vision made it possible to optimize the use of machines and ensure the constant availability of equipment. ​ Beyond his professional success, Eric has also invested in the community. His volunteer work as vice-president of the Establishment Committee at École St-Joseph de Mercier as well as on other committees reflects his commitment to education and the well-being of society. His passion for health and sport led to his key role in the implementation of a new sport in Quebec with Santé Sport Québec. ​ Take the time to review Éric Robitaille's site and you will agree that this summary reflects all of what you will read there.



Logo de Matrec


Director of Operations

Logo de Compo-Haut-Richelieu

Regional composting center

Since January 9, I have been Director of Operations for Matrec and from the start of my duties, I joined the management of the project to build the regional composting plant in Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu. ​ A project in partnership with Compo-Haut-Richelieu, this industrial composting plant is the first of its kind in operation in Quebec. The composting plant is a fully enclosed plant with an unparalleled humidity and temperature control system. The building being closed, we have perfect control of the environment for the transformation of residual organic matter, thanks to these 6 fans of more than 1.5m in diameter, the ambient air is renewed 10 times per hour. This allows us to produce very high quality compost. ​ The plant began operations in September 2023, reaching full production speed in November 2023.

LOGO de Techo-Bloc


Maintenance Director

From August 9, 2021 to January 6, 2023, I was Maintenance Director for Techo-Bloc in Saint-Hubert. During my time at Techo-Bloc, I put forward the learning acquired during my position as maintenance manager at Weston Foods and I combined them with all that I accumulated as experience from my last 30 years. This combination has allowed me to improve my employee management and double the staff under my responsibility. I did my best to share my experience in industrial maintenance with all my employees by supervising as much work as possible in the field and transferring as much knowledge as possible to employees who needed it or those who wanted to to learn more. Thus, we have been able to accomplish great improvement projects and maintain the course required in continuous improvement. Our priority being to maintain the most adequate maintenance possible while keeping machine availability to the maximum for production and respecting the budget set for the department, the use of CMMS has greatly helped in the process! I left my position as Maintenance Director to take up new challenges in my position as Director of Operations, which I have held since January 2023.

Weston Foods LOGO_edited.png


Maintenance Director

''Thanks'' to the closet of COVID-19 and my accumulated work experiences, I was able to improve my professional situation by being hired as Maintenance Manager at the Weston Foods plant located in Napierville, where I demonstrated my abilities in department and major project management from August 13, 2020 to August 20, 2021. Although the number of employees to manage decreased by half, I had several new challenges to meet. I am thinking, among other things, of working in a food sector, of having to manage half a dozen major "CAPEX" projects for the renewal of machinery (between 10 and 15 million dollars each) and the management a maintenance budget of over $3 million annually. Including the management of inventory parts, the management of 10 maintenance employees (executives and union members) and the management of subcontractors. However, following the announcement of the sale of Weston Foods, I quickly anticipated the closure of the Napierville plant in the medium term... which happened in May 2023. So I chose to look for a career opportunity elsewhere, before the factory was sacrificed, for economic reasons on the part of the new owners.

ABB LOGO_edited.png


maintenance supervisor

On Oct. 29, 2018, the head of the maintenance sector of the ABB (Thomas and Betts) plant located in Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu hired me as evening supervisor, with the aim of replacing him 4 to 5 years later. Already at that time, my knowledge, my abilities and my potential had been noticed by the leaders of the organization and I felt truly appreciated. I had the opportunity to have the management of 20 unionized employees, to carry out emergency, corrective and preventive work. I also had the management of the parts necessary for the operation of the factory, at my expense. As at Canada Post, I was also given the mandate to collaborate in the management of the Health and Safety of the employees of the plant. We had to ensure proper operation, repairs and ensure the continuous improvement of maintenance using the CMMS named Infor. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, I was temporarily laid off in April 2020 and to adapt to the situation, ABB practiced a restructuring by closing the night shift and redistributing all staff to the other shifts. Which caused my permanent layoff on July 14, 2020 and forced me to quickly find a new job, before my long-awaited promotion to the position of maintenance sector manager!

Canada Post LOGO_edited.png


maintenance supervisor

From Nov. 15, 2015 to Nov. 22, 2018, I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful and large maintenance team at Canada Post's Léo-Blanchet sorting center, located in Montreal (Ville Saint-Laurent sector). I had the honor of managing 40 technicians, mechanics and team leaders (unionized). We were responsible for keeping the state-of-the-art machinery in good working order. I learned how to manage scheduled and patch maintenance work orders, using Maximo maintenance management software. I also learned how to manage Health and Safety at work. Finally, I also added the use of SAP payroll software to my list of new learnings. After 3 years in office, I understood that I could not have promotion or progress in the company... so, I chose to find a company which advocates change and career progression within the company and that's how I left Canada Post and my team...a team that I still miss on occasion!

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Founding President and Electromechanic

From March 1, 2012 to April 30, 2016, I was the founding owner of Service Option Plus Inc, a company specializing in preventive maintenance of fixed machinery of all kinds and brands. In less than two years, I hired 3 employees, we had more than twenty regular customers and a turnover of more than a million. For 4 years, I developed the company, setting up maintenance and inventory management systems for our customers. I organized and supervised several installations, calibrations and repairs of industrial packaging machines, food processing, printing, drying and other kinds of industrial machinery containing electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic components. On a few occasions, I also set up and led a research and development department for certain clients. I chose to sell the company to the 3 employees whom I trained and supported for more than 3 years, to take up new challenges and go to work for Canada Post as a Maintenance Supervisor and perfect my management of unionized personnel.

Frigora Solutions LOGO_edited.jpg


Maintenance and electromechanical director

From January 5, 2009 to February 24, 2012, I did the Installation, calibration and repairs of industrial packaging machines (containing electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic components). I also took care of the general maintenance of the company buildings. With the experience I acquired in my previous jobs, I was able to build and maintain an inventory of spare parts, build and maintain a list of suppliers and subcontractors and I took care of projects. research and development, for new products to be packaged with the machinery already in operation. When all the protocols and inventories were in place and practically autonomous, the owner offered me the opportunity to go on my own and create, in less than 3 months, Service Option Plus Inc. A repair company of automated stationary machinery. So I left my position as maintenance manager to take on new challenges as an entrepreneur and thus start my own business.

Kilo Systeme LOGO_edited.png


Senior Technician and Electromechanical

From December 2, 2002 to December 19, 2008, I was Senior Technician for Kilo Système in Chateauguay. In addition to installing, calibrating and repairing scales of all kinds as a senior technician, I also maintained industrial machinery, weighing systems and automated packaging. ​ I had more than 15 regular and exclusive clients to take care of, until I obtained a regular contract with a client who required more than 40 hours per week in projects and on service calls. ​ When Frigora Warehousing Solution had a refrigerated warehouse built and purchased several different packaging machines, the owner approached me and offered a position as a full-time maintenance manager and electro-mechanic for him. After analysis and reflection, I decided to take up the challenge.

Balance GTR LOGO_edited_edited.png


Technician and electromechanic

From July 5, 2001 to November 2002, I was in shared employment between Balance GTR and Kilo System (a start-up company). I used my knowledge acquired during my academic training, my jobs in Rouyn-Noranda, including my summer jobs, as an electro-mechanic and my learning of weighing systems done at Les Balance Leduc and Thibeault to make my mark and make it essential as a technician in metrology (weighing system) and automated weighing system. ​​ As with Les Balance Leduc and Thibeault, I did installations, calibrations and repairs of all kinds of scales, but as an independent technician, without the supervision of a senior technician. ​​ In November 2002, I officially left joint custody between the two companies to work exclusively for Kilo Système, as planned when I was hired on July 5, 2001.



junior technician

In March 2000, with my training in industrial engineering technology (instrumentation and control or industrial maintenance) and experience as an electromechanical at the Horn foundry (student work in the summers of 1997, 1998 and 1999), I felt a need to take up new challenges and open up to new horizons. In March 2000, I made a short trip from my native Rouyn-Noranda, to Ville Mercier, for an interview, which will make me move permanently to the south shore of Montreal, to start my new life. First of all, I worked for Les balances Leduc et Thibeault, as a junior scale technician (metrology) from April 14, 2000 to July 5, 2001. I installed, calibrated and repaired scales of all kinds. ​​ Following two temporary layoffs, for lack of work, I chose to leave Les Balance Leduc et Thibeault for a more promising job for Balance GTR which offered me a more secure and stable job throughout the year. 'year.


Déc. 1997
Avril 2000

Technicien de service sur la route

En mars 1997, pendant mes études collégial, j'ai débuté un nouveau travail mettant en avant plant mes deux principales force : La réparation de machine et le service à la clientel. En travaillant pour Loto-Québec (par l'entremise d'une entreprise local... Logicon), je répondais à des appels de services pour faire la réparation de valideuse de Loto-Québec dans les dépanneurs et épiceries sur tout le térritoir de l'abitibi-Témiscamingue. J'ai également apris à gérer un inventaire de pièces et à moduler les commandes et retours de pièces à réparer, selon les types de valideuses et le nombre d'appel de service reçu.

LOGO Fonderie Horne.jpg

Juin 1995
Sept. 1997

Emploie étudiant Électromécanicien

De l'été 1995 à l'été 1997, tout au long de ma formation en technologie du génie industriel, j'ai appris les rudiments du travaille de terrain à la fondrie de cuivre de Rouyn-Norande. Au fil des trois étés en poste comme étudiant, j'ai graduellement évoluté dans le département de la maintenance en commencant par la gestion de l'inventaire et du 5S du département. Par la suite J'ai été aide-électromécanicien, puis électromécanicien de maintenances préventives de bases et finalement, le dernier été, j'était un électromécanicien autonome (avec peut de supervision de la part de mes pairs et du gestionnaire). J'y ai appris toutes les bases du métier et on m'a également démontré l'importance de l'amour d'un travail bien fait, de la bonne gestion d'un inventaire et tous les avantages d'un 5S impécable dans l'industrie... que ce soit en maintenance comme dans tous les autres départements. Ce fut ma toute première expérience de travail comme électromécanicien et le pilier fondateur de mon amour de la maintenance industriel... la base de tout ce que j'ai appris et utilise encore aujourd'hui.

LOGO Weed Man.png

Mars 1994
Oct. 1998

Télé-vendeur  saisonnier

En mars 1994, j'ai débuté mon premier véritable emploie (à temps partiel). Il est évident que, comme tout le monde ou presque, je me suis occupé des pelouses du voisinage et fait du gardiénage! Mais ce fut mon tout premier emploi rémunéré de manière régulière, quoi que saisonier. Ce travail m'a permis de développer mon sens de la vente et du service à la clientel. Une aptitude que j'utilise encore au quotidien et qui est essenciel dans mon domaine.



1994 to 1999

Electrical engineering, instrumentation and control option (industrial engineering technology)

CEGEP of Abitibi-Témiscamingue
College diploma


Polyvalente d'Iberville
Rouyn Noranda






Account management

Production planning

Team management

Operations management

Logistics management


Account management

Production planning

Team management

Operations management

Logistics management






Trikke Skki, Trikke, snowboard, bike, swimming.

Listen to music, browse the web and do some reading.

Volunteer Works committee
vice-president) École St-Joseph de Mercier
Volunteering Parents' Committee
(represent) Grandes Seigneuries School Board
Volunteer Health Sport Quebec
To date (Help set up a Brossard

new sport in Quebec)

Volunteer Canadian Red Cross
To December 1994 (10 to 15 hours/week) Rouyn-Noranda


Merci pour votre envoi.

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